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GWX Surveilor - Circuit-bent CCTV Camera

GWX Surveilor - Circuit-bent CCTV Camera

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The GWX Surveilor is made for real-time video performance in mind. CCTV cameras run constantly, so they are the perfect complement to a live video rig. Working with these cameras we've been able to get some wild colorization effects, melts, and even sync-disrupted dirty mixer type effects, all built in with an on-off-on switch and a 6-point patchbay. You can even patch into the chroma and luma pins on the S-Video output for more effects! 

  • These are standard definition 480p and include a BNC to RCA adapter. 
  • Includes a 12v power supply and barrel adapter
  • Includes a C-mount lens. Experiment with other lenses!
  • Talk to us about peripherals - Handle grips, battery packs, mounts for digital recorder - make your own CCTV based handycam!


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